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M. Bierman

Self Portrait

23 7/8 x 16 3/4 oil on gessoed masonite
Collection of the Rice Family

M. Bierman is a fine artist who has devoted himself exclusively to his muse for almost 30 years. He paints, sculpts, and creates works in various other media. In addition, he has created numerous murals for public companies as well as for private homes.

A prolific painter, his works are owned and being collected throughout the United States and, since 1981 when he sold his first piece internationally, in England, Europe, and Mexico.

M. Bierman may be found anywhere around the world!

"The energy behind all of my work comes from my daughters and their mother, Debbie. Katheryn, Jennifer, Brooke and Samantha missed out on many things as I pursued my calling. I know this cruel drive to create has cost those I love much. My motto is 'Art at Work!', and all I bring into being is dedicated to them"
        --M. Bierman

Read more about Michael Bierman at
Read more about Michael Bierman at

M. Bierman can be contacted through his agent, Roy Gandhi-Schwatlo,
by email at, or by phone at 603-313-9768.

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