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What's New

Lofts of Hannibal!

Willy Richmond, the Fine Art photographer went with me to visit two of the new Lofts
that have been built in renovation of existing properties - Enjoy!

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Built by Jeff Trevathan of River City Restorations
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Created by very talented craftsmen


Dakota Raven

See more of Dakota's work!

Please click on the image to see more of Dakota's work!

La Paloma

I have been blessed of late with "La Paloma" a beautiful Dove that made herself a home in a studio window. She sat and watched me paint all day (what she did at night was romance, I hazard to guess). Two wonderful babies soon were in residence, and they were beautiful too.

Fine Arts Day at HES

Students at HES explored a great diversity of different art forms art this year's Fine Arts Day. Here's a shot of Bierman discussing Art with the next generation.

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Bierman Art Cues!

What a concept - Original Bierman art handpainted on fine McDermott pool cues!
These are only the first, with more to come in the next few months.
Please call 603-313-9768 or click here to email Roy Gandhi-Schwatlo, Agent, to order or for more information.

"Urban Adventure"
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"Mysterious Company"
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Bierman is now offering giclee prints of selected works.
For more information, please visit the new Giclee page in the Gallery.

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